What are the Best Ad networks for new bloggers

3 best ad networks for new bloggers

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3 best ad networks for new bloggers

Are you a newbie in blogging? Then this blog is made for you .Whenever you think of monetizing your blog first name you get in mind is the Google Adsense.

But getting approved by Google adsense is not easy for new bloggers.There are numerous spam ad network which traps new bloggers but when it comes to paying they pay too less or worst they do not pay at all.so Earncash.tech has shortlisted ”3 best ad networks for new bloggers” these ad networks approve quickly, low minimum payout etc.

Evadav Ads.

Evadav ad network best for new bloggers

Evadav ad network works on a cpc(cost per click) and cpm(cost per mile) Model.

Launded in 2018 and already a emerging adnetwork.evadav is mainly focused on cpc campaigns.They are partners with many big ad networks like taboola, revcontent and mobidea.

  • High cpc rate 1$-5$ per 1k clicks.
  • Many adformats (native, popunder, inpage,push notifications .
  • Easiest approval.(best for new bloggers).
  • Minimum payout 25$?.
  • Good support and usually replies with 10 minutes.
  • All High paying ads compared to other networks.
  • No minimum traffic required.

visit Evadav

All the ads of evadav are google complaint when integrated correctly.They do not interfere with the content.1 Billion+ impression and 30k+ publishers.Easy to use ads just copy and paste.Click here to see examples ads
Note: Evadav does not pay you for impressions it pays only for clicks and actions.In india you can Expect 3$-4$ for 1 thousand clicks which is good for newbloggers .

Overall the Evadav ad network is good for newbies.


AdCash is another ad network for new publishers 

Adcash network review best ad network for new bloggers earn cash.tech

The Adcash provides good quality ads .They provide a number of Ads types providing a good revenue share to the publishers.

  • Cpm,Cpc, Cpi etc
  • 0.5$-5$ cpm 
  • Cpm can be higher than the above given , depends on traffic quality and geo
  • Good support from adcash
  • Minimum 25$ Payout.
  • High quality ads.
  • Includes Ad integration guide.

visit Adcash

A good Adsense alternative,ideal for new bloggers 12 years of experience in ad technology.Ad cash provides high fill rate and good ecpm, Multiple ad format and worldwide coverage,anti Adblock technology,live statistics.

signup process is easy and you get a quick approval whether it be a blogger or wordpress subdomain.

Revenue Hits

Revenue hits ad network review and cpa rate by earncash.tech

Revenue hits has a good reputation in the market .You get a instant account approval for all types of blogs and websites.Revenue hits is a top advertising network from many years.

  • Works on Cpa model
  • 1$-8$ per approved action .
  • Multi ad formats.
  • 20$ minimum payout for PayPal.
  • 100% fill rate.
  • Easy to setup ads.

visit Revenue Hits

The revenue hits works on a Cpa model (cost per action) An action can be many things, for example:  a sale, contact request, newsletter sign up, registration, filling a survey, etc.revenue depends on several factors like geo,traffic quality,CTR rate etc but you will get a nice pay for actions.

Note:Revenue hits does not pay you for impressions and clicks.They only pays for actions.They have a good support service.but you don’t need a support as revenue hits is super easy to use even for a newbie.


Adsense vs Evadav,Revenue Hits,Adcash.Related 

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There is no competition among Adsense and all these ad network as Adsense is the best of all.In terms of earnings and quality of ads.Google Adsense have a far higher cpc,cpm than these ad networks.In case you have been banned or if you are a new blogger you can try these ad networks .


Its difficult for any ad network to compete with Adsense as Adsense being the number one advertisement network All the big companies willing to advertise will choose Adsense as their first choice as the reason Adsense publishers get high revenue and the small companies,individual with low advertising budget however chooses the third party advertising networks however their publishers get a lower revenue.

Winding up

So far we have gone through 3 best ad networks for new bloggers.with quite good cpc,cpc,cpi,cpa.

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