How to Make money from youtube

Ways to make Make money with youtube

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Ways to make Make money with youtube
ways to make money from youtube videos

The best ways to make money from youtube

Youtube partner program

Youtube partner program is the first suggestion ,In order to show advertisement on your YouTube videos you need to have a monitized channel with 1000 subscribers and 4 thousand watch hours in the past 12 months.If you have not completed the following You are not eligible for youtube partner program .You can visit here to see how to get more views and subscribers


Also you need a Adsense account through which you can manage which ad format/ad type will be shown on your videos and analyse the statistics of your ad views,impressions,clicks,and actions taken from the ad shown on your video.You can get anywhere between 0.5$-18$ (30₹-1000₹) for 1000 ad views .You get ads on 25%-50% views .For example:The advertiser has set 2$ cpm(cost per mile) And you have 2000 views in which 800 are ad views so you will receive 1.6$ From which youtube keeps 45% and you get 55% of it.

Create sponsored video

You can get a good pay for making sponsored video for a company,app or organisation.But before thinking about it ensure that you have thousands of followers on social media and YouTube. Many oppority open up when you have more followers.Creating a sponsored videos is easy just you need to review the service,products of your sponsor.The whole instrustions will be given to you by the sponsor
In order to get sponsors for your videos give your contact information in description so that they can contact you.Focus on quality not quantity

Get your sponsor here

Here are some platforms to get sponsorship
1:. Grapevinevillage minimum 10,000 subscribers on youtube or Instagram
2:champboost no minimum subscribers required

Youtube affiliate

One of the easy and quick ways to make money is through affiliate Selling.You don’t need products to sell,no customer call,no stress.Just suggest products to your audience and get a share of the product price when a customer buys a product or service from your link

There are a tons of affiliate programme for you whatever your niche is .Amazon,flipcart,eBay,hostgator are the top players in the affiliate market

Affiliate selling is advised to youtubers with a loyal audience

Sell your own merchandise

Youtube being the second most visited site is the best platform for promoting your own products and selling them globally .It could multiply up your revenue by several times.Youtube also has a feature to suggest merchandise below your content.

If you don’t have your own products to sell on youtube you can go with affiliate marketing and also there are several websites through which you can make your own product just by adding your logo to the product. If you are good in writing you can also try selling your e-books or digital products.

Youtube channel membership

Yes it could be the best option for you to make money if you make educational,cooking,motivational video .The join option allows the viewers to join the channel and support the creator by paying them directly also viewers get a badge for their support .

Requirements for channel membership feature

Requirements for join button feature: 1)The channel should have 30,000 subscribers
2)channel should be a part of youtube partner programme
3)The creator should be 18 + years
4)channel should be not set as made for kids

Host live chat/super chat

It is the most famous way to make money among the gamers community.The youtuber host a live stream where audience can message ,send money to the creator,also it’s most interactive method to stay in contact with the viewers.

The creator can also monitize video with advertisement before or in between the live stream.Requirement for superchat 1000 subscribers,18 years+ age
Typical gamer earned close to 4000$ in a superchat.

Send traffic to your website/blog

You can double your earning by sending traffic to your website or a blog where you sell products,make money through leads or signup or the best way as all know put advertisement through Adsense or other ad networks .
Making website or blog could be profitable if you know how to start,make,and manage it.



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