Timebucks Review 2021|Scam or Legit

Do you want to earn money online? There are many websites out there on the internet. But there are very few of them which pay. So Check out This whole Timebucks Review.


What is Timebucks? and How to register on Timebucks?

Timebucks is a Get Paid To Site which pays real cash to its users for completing tasks which you already do every day. Timebucks is free to join and they are 100% legit and paying and they offer 1$ signup bonus.

To signup on Timebucks, you just need an email address or a Facebook account. Their signup is pretty simple and easy. It can be done within a minute and they don’t have an approval process too.

How to Earn On Timebucks?

Timebucks has various methods to earn which maximises your earning potential. Timebucks has the following methods to earn


They have a wide range of surveys which are updated regularly. Their surveys are high paying and they typically range from 0.1$ to 10$. Doing surveys is one of the best options as they pay more. Below Is a screenshot of some of the available surveys.

Screenshot of timebucks survey
Credits: Timebucks


They have a other section of earning cash named as content with which you can earn by

  • Performing Ad Clicks
  • Watching Slideshows
  • Solving Captcha
  • NightFall News
  • Watching Youtube Videos
  • Doing Push Clicks
  • And Many More…


In task section, you can earn by just performing simple micro tasks which takes less than 5 minutes. It includes tasks like subscribing to newsletter, downloading an app, following on social media, etc. They range from 0.01$ to 0.1$.

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Timebucks allows you to earn some cash by signing up on different websites. These signups don’t pay very much and they range between 0.001$ to 0.1$


It is my one of the favourite feature. Timebucks has an awesome referral system by which you can make a handsome income. They pay 15% commission of the referrals income. Suppose if your referral earns 20$ you will get a commission of 3$. Which is quite good so, this method allows you to earn money passively.


Offer walls are a great way of earning money online. Timebucks has various offer walls from 10 different advertisers. Offer walls are easy to complete and they include tasks like downloading an app or game, Signing up on websites, Taking Short Quizzes, etc. They pay between 0.01$ to up to 10$. So completing offer walls can help you reach your minimum payout faster.


With Timebucks we can get cash back if we buy anything on aliexpress. You get a unique referral link of aliexpress which you can share with your friends and family. If your friend buys something on aliexpress with your link you get a commission of 0% to 5% depending on the type of product.


Timebucks also works as a link shortener. Like if you have your blog or website you can shorten your link and share it with your loved ones. Once they click on the link you get paid. The payout rates for link clicks are –

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US: $0.006
GB,CA,AU: $0.003
Rest of World: $0.001.

This method works well if you have a huge audience.

9. Sweepstake Giveaway

Timebucks conducts a weekly giveaway at sweepstake with a total prize pool of 500$. You can earn sweepstake tickets by –

  • Logging in daily (100 tickets)
  • Running Timebucks software (Most effective)
  • Doing tasks ( 1 ticket per 0.001$ you earn)
  • Referring people (200 tickets for every person you refer)
  • Watching videos ( 1 ticket for a 1-minute video)

Prizes For The Winners are

1st Winner – $250

2nd Winner – $50

3rd Winner – $30

4th to 10th – $10

11th to 30th – $5


Timebucks has another tab known as ladder. This contains the name of the people who have earned the most money in a day. If you become the top earner of the day you will get a prize bonus of 20$. This motivates us to earn more on time bucks.

  • 1st – 20$
  • 2nd – 10$
  • 3rd – 5$
  • 4th – 3$
  • 1$ – 1$

How Much Can I Earn With Timebucks

Now here comes the main part. I think this question arises to everyone. Timebucks has good earning potential. But it cant be used as a main source of income but it can be a good side hustle. You can earn between 0.3$ to 10$ every day.

Pros And Cons Of Timebucks


  • Low Minimum Payout – 10$
  • Wide range of tasks
  • Instant 1$ signup bonus
  • Multiple payment methods – Paypal, Bank Transfer, Skrill, etc.


  • Very low reward for some tasks
  • Payments are Weekly not Instant
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Tips To Earn More From Timebucks 😉

I will give you some white hat tips and tricks you can use it to increase your time bucks earnings.

  • Complete Daily Tasks to get Free Bonus And Premium Membership for a week.
  • Focus on surveys and offer walls as they pay more.
  • Post Your Referral links in Facebook groups or WhatsApp.
  • Try to earn more tickets to increase your chances in winning the giveaway.


Timebucks is a 100% legit paying site with which you can earn a nice amount of money daily. It is one of the best alternatives to swag bucks and ysense. So Register Now on Timebucks and start earning some bucks.

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