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Earn paytm cash with paybox Earncash.techDo you want a Extra source of income in your spare time then paybox is the must try option.This article gives you a complete idea about How to make money with Paybox.

How to earn paytm cash with Paybox 

  1. Signup through this link click here.
  2. Enter name,Paytm number and other required fields to earn profile completion bonus of ₹5.
  3. Verify Your email to earn ₹15 bonus.
  4. Now you are ready to earn .

Paybox pays Paytm cash for :

  • Playing games
  • Refering friends
  • Taking polls and trends
  • Publishing Trends and polls
  • Contests

Why PayBox?

Paybox is simple to use and it really pays the users.Paybox is a legitimate gratification site .They generate All the income from the Advertisement that they show to the users and they pay the users a part of the advertisement income keeping a share as their income.

Paybox has over 1 million registered users that are increasing day by day.More over the minimum payout for paytm cash withdrawal is just ₹50 .They Pays you for Playing games,publishing trends and polls,There refer and earn programme is best .So let’s Have a look at what is paybox all about and how to earn money/paytm cash through paybox.For earning paybox cash you don’t need to Download and install any app.You can use it online 

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Play and earn paytm cash

Paybox gives you an opportunity to play games and make money.

Play games and earn paytm cash paybox Earncash.techJust signup and start playing games online to earn paytm cash.Dont worry you don’t have to buy a ticket or invest any money to play and earn paytm cash.Paybox works on advertising model .You play games >They show you ads during you play games>They get ads revenue>they pay you  some part of ads revenue.

Refer and Earn 

Refer people to Paybox and earn unlimited paytm cash.

Earn paytm cash by referring people to Paybox Earncash.techYou get ₹5 everytime a user signup through your referral link.Paybox pays you instantly whenever your referred user signups and Verify his/her email.Many Youtubers,telegram loot groups and coupon website use paybox to earn money ,

My advice:Focus on refer and earn rather than playing games or If you have a telegram group of 50,000 members and only a 50% users signups and verify their email then the admin is going to Earn about ₹1,25,000 .Its a huge money really.

Note:Users from the States of Nagaland, Telangana, Odisha and Assam kindly do not sign-up, as under the State laws, you are not eligible for playing as well as gratification.

Post polls and trends

As you create and publish something cool for your social media ,Do the same and get paid for it With Paybox 

Post polls and trends and earn money payboxYes it’s true that they pay you to post something it’s really cool.As the the minimum payout is only ₹50 and you get ₹20 as signup bonus .Only you have to earn ₹30 so refer 6 friends and you are ready to payout .Dont have friends to get for you ?Dont worry paybox also gives you an opportunity to post trends and polls to earn paytm cash.Do you know their are thousands of users making hundreds and thousands of money through paybox.They pay you ₹20 for uploading polls and trends.Moreover you can also participate in polls and trends to earn money.

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Participate in polls and contests

What you have to do is just Participate and answer some polls and trends to win real paytm cash.

However PayBox doesn’t pay much for participation in polls and playing games.In the next section you are going to see about the Paybox withdrawal and payout.

Paybox Withdrawal/Payout 

Paybox has a minimum payout amount of ₹50. Moreover you get ₹20 as the signup bonus and more ₹30 as the unlock bonus to every user who signups.In order to get the signup bonus what you have to do is just signup >complete your profile>verify your email you will be instantly credited with ₹20 in your paybox wallet.The question arises how to grab the unlock bonus , It’s just so simple for every ₹50 you earn for the first 3 times you will be rewarded with a addition unlock bonus of ₹10 .

Paybox earn unlimited paytm cash Earncash.techYou don’t have to worry Paybox is a legit site and really does pay you for what you do .Be aware any type of fraudulent referral will lead to cancellation of withdraw request.So don’t try to make fake account you will get money credited in your paybox account but when you request for withdrawal/payout your request will be cancelled.Moreover you will lose all your money .except he joining bonus.So don’t try to do fraud it will make no profit for , just you are going to waste your time, The minimum payout is ₹50 and maximum payout limit is ₹75.You can withdraw a maximum of ₹75 a day in your paytm wallet.

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Earn More cash with PayBox

what you have to do is just share your referral link on all your social media platforms and ask all your followers to signup and just verify their email on Paybox .whever a single user joins and verifies email you get a referral bonus of ₹5 .Invite more users the as the more users signups and verifies through your link the more money you are going to earn.Also by publishing polls you get ₹20 for approved poll.


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