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Make a free blog How to start a free blog on blogger/blogspot

This is a guide about how to start a free blog on blogger/blogspot is one of the best Platform to create free blogs by google

What you get

  • Free domain name : eg:
  • host your website/blog for free 
  • Google Adsense compatable to make money


How to start a free blog on blogger/blogspot

  • Visit
  • signup with your gmail account
  • Give your blog a name
  • click on create button at the bottom of page in as shown below
Click here to create free blog How to start a free blog on blogger/blogspot

If you are a newbie in blogging industry or blogging for personal use then is the best platform for you with simple and clean design and most features that a newbie would require to create a blog
Blogger tools and features info

Now let’s come to the point after clicking on create button a page with many tools will open up which you will use to Create your own blog.


Tools How to start a free blog on blogger/blogspot

You will see a similar page with this tools if you already know about this tools you can skip this part.

The tools are named from left to right and then below

  1. Switch between compose view and HTML view
  2. undo Changes
  3. redo Changes
  4. Change Font style 
  5. Change Text size
  6. Formatting text ,paragraph,h1,h2 etc
  7. Bold
  8. Italic
  9. underline
  10. strikethrough
  11. Text background colour
  12. Below options are link 
  13. Insert Image to blog
  14. Add video to blog
  15. smiles
  16. Text alignment 
  17. bulleted list
  18. numbered list
  19. Quoted text
  20. insert jump break
  21. Left to right layout 
  22. Right to left layout
  23. input tools ,language
  24. clear formatting
    Now you are known with the tools let’s move further 
    Having a deeper knowledge about a platform you use is good.It give better results.

Features task bar or page How to start a free blog on blogger/blogspot

posts:All the blogposts you create and publish and save to drafts will appear here

Stats:Statistics for all your blogs pages will appear here with traffic location,comments,followers etc

Comments:Its clear with its name the All comments you get on your posts will appear here
Earnings:To use this feature you need an Adsense account that you Can  read Here

Pages:All the pages you create will appear here

Layout:Layout of your blog and pages Have lots of features you can read in detailed about layout below

Theme:Theme is the design of your blog the style and appearance depends on choosing a ideal theme for your niche
settings:It has soo many options to choose from


As to get more traffic on your blog.

first ensure that you have marked your blog as visible to search engine if you want to check whether it’s on or off you can do it by following settings<Privacy<Visible to search engine.

Research keywords that you are going to use .As getting organic traffic on blogspot blog is somewhat difficult unless you know how to do things right.

Custom domain

As the blogspot offers a free domain name But having a custom domain is always and always good it can grow your blog several times by choosing a right domain name and writing best and unique content .

To buy a custom domain name you have to buy one click Here

If you  already own a domain you have to connect your domain with blogger using DNS method the instructions will be provided there.


How to start a free blog on blogger/blogspot

Layout feature contains gadgets you can rearrange the gadgets by dragging them.Layout features contains subscribe by mail,related and popular posts,stats,share,HTML,google +,blog search,pages,links,logo,list etc..

The way you arrange and set the gadgets The same will appear to you4 visitors on the homepage ,pages and posts.


Theme is a collection of templates and style sheets .Blogger has 50+ Premade themes to make your blog within minutes 

choose a theme which will best suit your content And niche. You can customise your theme with many features 

Adding a custom background,choose basic text for content headline,headings changing colours of text lines and many more options.

Pages vs posts

Many newbies get confused between pages and posts.

The only difference between pages and posts is

pages:pages are static and do not have a publish date and author name one should create pages for the content which remains unchanged overall the time.examples of pages homepage,contact us ,about us,privacy policy and site that Remains unchanged

post:post contains a date and author name on them posts should be used when writing about the content which is temporary .

How to get traffic on your blogspot blog

  • share blog post to all your social media handles including twitter and Facebook.
  • Find the audience interested in your content and make them your recurring audience.
  • Share your blog on question answer sites like quora,also try Pinterest.
  • Try to rank on google SERP (search engine results page)

Some important Settings 


  1. Give your blog a Title.
  2. Add a blog Description  .
  3. Favicon ,The image that will be your sites profile.


  1. Visible to search engine this setting decides whether to recommend your site to search engine.
  2. blog address means your domain name you can set your custom Domain too.
  3. You can buy a domain name at the lowest price by clicking Here

Http to https redirect: Redirects the user to https address whenever the user visits http address . 

Crawling and indexing

It allows the search engine robots to crawl and index your website with ease Keep your indexing and crawling features as turned on 

Link your website with Google search console To show up your website on search engine results which will get you more traffic on your blog organically.

Creating a blog

Now,You know all the basics and important tools and features you will require to create your first blog,I know that that making a first blog is super exciting.
It’s time for you to write a blog using the tools provided to you by a blog in between 300-1000 word so that It ranks in search engine.

After you have done so and preview. its the time to publish your first blog its quite interesting,Click on the publish button in the orange colour.Congratulations you are a blogger now.

and now your ideas are alive with the blog .You can share it on social media,friends and wherever possible.

Earning from blog

wondering how to earn from a free blog you can really do this but earning from a single post could not be considerably good.write more and more blog spot posts so that you can place advertisement on all of the posts and make money from them.

Drawbacks of

  • The major drawback is you don’t have a lots and lots of options to choose from.
  • simple design and layout with minimum gadgets ideal for beginners.
  • having a blogspot address you are likely to get a little or no traffic on blog.
  • No responsive themes to choose from all themes are simple and old.


Creating a free blog post is pretty simple but getting organic traffic on them is a difficult task unless you have your own domain and hosting Also need a full knowledge about Seo (search engine optimisation) marketing and promoting 

Obviously spending some money on hosting and domain worth it .if you are serious about blogging.And want to make your passion as profession and make a passive income through it


Winding up

I will just say that if you are blogging for fun  or you are a beginner then is the best place for you to learn blogging but the platform is not built to make a living through it as you have to invest some money in blogging to get a huge result.I will always say investing is blogging is worth it if you are a serious blogger.


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