How to Get more views and subscribers on youtube

Earn by youtube adsense

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Earn by youtube adsense

YouTube’s achievements

  • 2 billion + monthly users
  • 5 billion + videos shared and counting
  • 5 billion + Youtube videos watched per day
  • 500 hours of videos uploaded per minutes 
  • 50 million + youtubers 

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How much do Youtubers Earn?

Ryan kaji ,The eight years old youtuber is the highest earning youtuber He has a youtube channel named Ryan’s world .He Earns approximately $26 millions which is about 190 crores rupees.He makes unboxing and reviews videos of Toys.

Benefits of making youtube videos

  • Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform
  • Youtube is the second most visited site
  • The best thing one can make money through youtube 
  • popularity 

Starting a Youtube channel

Do you have a unique talent? Can you entertain or give information to people or just you can cook,play,shop online then surely you should make a YouTube channel . As making youtube videos will bring out the best results out of your skills ,makes you confident and people start caring and respecting you even more.

  • Make your channel logo and art(poster) You can make one professional logo from here
  • Make your channel trailer
  • verify your channel with youtube

now you have created and verified your account.congratulations Then you have to write a Great script many newcommers think writing script is waste of time but doing thing according to a script not only saves your time but also produces a great results.

How to shoot like professional

Record your videos with videocamera or a dslr as audience on youtube love high resolution videos.You can buy cameras,tripods,and equipment necessary for recording great videos from store click here.

The youtube standard aspect ratio is 16:9 always shoot videos in landscape mode because landscape videos fits perfectly in youtube player.
Try to keep your videos stable and avoid uploading shaky videos.Stable high clarity videos get much more views than shaky and disturbed videos.Always shoot from the best angles and Try to shoot in daytime or use soft light if you have them.If your shooting from a fixed spot my advice is to use a tripod or a monopod.If your shooting moving videos use a gimbal stabiliser. It’s recommended to make longer videos 10 minutes + to increase your watch time

How to edit like professional

To edit like professional Firstly you should have a video editing software or app with all the best features that you require in your videos like trim,split,text,layer,animation etc There are a lot of editing software,apps on the internet Most of the youtubers use adobe abode premiere pro. those who edit videos on mobile use kinemaster I have created a mod version of kinemaster with all features unlocked and no watermark you can download it for free by clicking here. Great edited videos are likely to get more view and subscribers
apart from video shooting and editing sound,voice of your videos plays a great role in boosting your views and audience retention.So make sure there’s no disturbance and noise in your videos so to get the best results buy a mic from here

How to get more views and subscribers?

How to get more views and subscribers on youtube

The most common questions every new youtuber gonna get in mind is how to boost my youtube views.How to gain more to monitize my channel quickly and how to make money from youtube

Youtube monitization requirements

Youtube has made it mandatory for the video creators who want to show ads on their videos to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours (240,000 minutes) of watch time in the last 12 months most of the youtubers depend on the ad revenue as the main source of income.Every small or new youtuber want to get monitize in order to earn ad revenue.
But their is a tough competition for new youtuber unless he/she has unique content ,A large team ,cameras and its equipment’s,and a budget to advertise.Also there are a lot of other methods one can use to boost youtube views and rank their videos on youtube .we help new youtubers to monitize their channel you can also join our telegram family where you need to perform a small task which will take no more than 10 minutes per day and get 1000 subscribers free of cost all real to join our telegram group click the button at the end of the page.also we are focusing on increasing your watch time If you really want to know how to increase watch time then read this full blog post .

How to get more views and subscribers?

It is a task which requires lots of patience if you follow these steps or tricks you are more likely to get more subscribers and views


  • Make a Awesome,attractive thumbnail it should be irresistible use bright colours,outlines, thumbnail plays a great role in YouTube video performance .
  • Tell your audience what you are going to do or tell in the first 20 -25 seconds 
  • Make 10 minutes+ videos ,long videos with great content they are likely to be seen till end and subscribed.
  • Keep your Title short and sweet it’s more likely to get views.
  • Use Keywords and tags which help getting your video higher in search results,use hashtags in description.
  • Make benefit from youtube features I.e end screen add your channel and some videos in end screen and use card to keep your viewers around your own channel .
  • Reply and stay connected with your audience,reply every comment,make a group of your viewers if your niche is tech or information 
  • collaborate with other youtubers 
  • Add social links and link of your videos in description
  • Try a giveaway contest ask your audience to participate in giveaway complete  task to get exiting prices 

Vidiq promotion tools

  • If you are really serious about youtube and want to boost your youtube views,subscribers then do sign up here  Vidiq has lot of tools which will guaranteed boost your views, and rank your videos I suggest you to try it vidiq has a free trail but buying their service worth it They are certified by youtube and has Seo tools,keyword research tool,competition tracker,trend alerts and lot more features and tools signup now
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