How to create a free blog and make money

How to start a free Wordpress blog

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Earn 200 Reward Points by creating the blog post
How to start a free WordPress blog

Starting your own blog can be exciting and overwhelming for the beginners .You can create a free blog in just a few minutes.

But as a beginner I have made a lot of mistakes and wasted my time by trying new things and learning from it .now Iam a good blogger and want to share my knowledge with you so that you don’t have to waste your precious time searching web.

This is a Complete step by step guide for starting a free blog on

To start a blog there’s no better better option than WordPress .38% of the web is built on it.They have enormous number of features and tools to ease your work.


Should I start a blog?

Yes,why not.Being a blogger I have learnt a lot more things and now Iam very good in writing and thinking.The most exciting thing is you can make money from your blog.

If you have a good knowledge about something Then you should create a blog and share your knowledge with the world.If you are a teacher,doctor or influencer you should have one blog.

Building a free blog

Its purely for the beginners who are interested in starting a blog but can’t do so thinking that they donot have a enough knowledge and time .After reading this guide you will surely make one blog.Moreover you can create it free of cost with 

Creating a free blog on

Visit and click on start a website button after doing so you will see a signup page as shown in the above image fill up your details email,username and setup a strong password in the form and press create your account.your account is created successfully.

Choosing a free Domain

How to make a free WordPress blog earn

Now you have to search for your site name(domain name) for is a domain name

you can use your own name or search for a creative name once you have decided type it in the search bar and select the free domain As shown in the above image.If you don’t want to get a subdomain on your domain name you can buy a custom domain name.I suggest not to buy a custom domain name from WordPress as they are too costlier than other domain name sellers you can buy one from Namecheap the best and lowest priced domain names on the whole web .or use which is free.But looks unprofessional.Buying a domain name is worth .it makes your website rank higher on google And which will be easy for your visitors to remember.To buy a domain name for just 0.99$ click on the below link or banner to get a special discount .

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

How to make a free WordPress blog earn

Next step is to whether choose a plan offered by WordPress or to start with a free site as we are going a make a free WordPress blog we will choose start with free site.

Getting started

How to make a free WordPress blog earn cash

Now your default site is created aren’t you excited to see it.Keep patients I know you can create a best blog.

Now we have to create an awesome and responsive professional looking site from the scrap .

Click on get started you are a few step away.In blogging you should try and try but never give up the internet has such a large coverage that you will succeed one day.

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme in

After pressing the get started button and giving a name to your site .we will move towards changing the theme of your whole site.Go to WordPress dashboard you will see an option in the side bar named Theme .

A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a website. These files are called template files. A Theme modifies the way the site is displayed

Themes determine the looks and style of your website/blog.

Press on the buttons as shown in the above image.You can also take a live preview of how the theme looks and it’s styles .

You should choose a theme related to your niche for example if you are going to start a fashion blog you choose a theme related to fashion.It makes your site even good looking.

Modern theme

This is how the theme that I choose looks like

Now we have activated the theme and named your site.Next you are going to read about how to design the most important part of your site.


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Customizing homepage

How to make a free WordPress blog earn cash

Congratulation you have completed reading half of the guide you are really passionate about blogging.

We will now come towards customising the homepage which is the most important part of your site.Making your homepage look good and interactive is equally important as writing great content.If your websites design is not good the visitor is not going to make a further step and exits your site

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After clicking on the Edit Homepage button you will be redirected to the block editor where you can customize and edit your homepage.Its pretty simple to use block editor. block editor earn

The block editor will look like the above image .block editor has all the important tools and features that a individual new blogger would require .But they will restrict the free plan user to use some widgets and blocks .If you want to get a access to all the features then you have to buy one of their plan .But when it comes to hosting your own website is a way more better than but in this guide we will stick to WordPress free blog.

Block editor

Click on the ’+’ button select a block which you want to add onto your page and the selected block will be added after doing it you can edit the block and shape it as you want. 

If you have any query regarding to this topic you can comment below .I will be glad to answer you.

Add few images to your blog homepage so that it looks more attractive to the visitors.After customizing the homepage save the settings.

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Add a menu

Customiszing website WordPress earn

Adding a menu to your site give the visitors a option to move around from one part to another part of your site .

In the customise option from the dashboard select the menu option and add the most import pages or posts of your site which you want to showcase in front of your visitors.

Site identity 

Under the site identity option you can find and change the site title , site tagline and your site logo and choose to whether make them visible on the site or not. 

Now your homepage is ready and you need to add some content(blog posts).You can read this under the next paragraph.

Add content(Blog posts)

WordPress blog posts by earn

You are just one step away from publishing your site .In order to get your blog in the search engine result page(serp) you are required to write some quality content .

If you don’t get views in first few months don’t worry keep writing quality content and make your posts responsive.

Posts vs pages 

I too got the same doubt when I started blogging ,

Posts are the content that have a date/authorname .posts are that part of your website that’s regularly updated and not static.This too is a post .

Pages are that part of website that never change example terms and conditions, about us, contact us and other important pages.

Launch your Site launch your site earn

You will be very happy to know that this is the last step you have to take to launch your website.

Just by clicking on the Launch site button your site will be published.And will be accessible to the visitors

But don’t expect your site to directly appear on the Google search page.It takes a lot of times and efforts to rank in search results page.

Share your site

Your friends and family members will be happy to see your site .Share your blog on social media through the link.Add your blogs link in Instagram and Facebook bio .This will get you some interested reader for your blog.

How to get traffic on your blog

Be regular .As people will love to read your blogs regularly .it’s not that simply that you post 1 blog per week and get a million views you need to maintain consistency .I myself post at least 1 blog per 1-2 days.

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Getting a millions of traffic on your blog is not easy it’s a complicated process and requires a in-depth knowledge of SEO, Using the right keywords, engaging with your visitors.But don’t give up 

Let’s have a look at my free WordPress website.Below is the screen shot of the site that I have made within 15 minutes .Isnt it simple and easy.

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My site

This site which is made in just a few minutes looks good .now it’s your turn to create a blog and share your knowledge with the whole world .

I suggest to keep blogging and learn new things you will succeed surely.just stopping with a free blog isnt enough .

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Advantages of free blog

  • No investment, easy to start.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Ideal for beginners.who want to try blogging before investing in the field.


  • Less control over the blog.
  • Little features to use.
  • A subdomain looks unprofessional on your site.
  • A made by WordPress label in the footer.
  • No access to plugins which are very useful and some blocks which may help you grow.

Should I buy a WordPress plan?

I don’t suggest buying a paid plan it’s not really worth it .If you wish to buy seeing it’s lots of features you can happily do that.

You will have an access to lot more features when you host your own website through a hosting company and link your purchased domain with the hosting.

You will get professional business name email.A lot of space to run up your site on .a support team that feel happy to help you.and more benefits come to you when you have your own hosting and domain.

Make money from your blog

There are a number of ways through which you can make money from your blog 

1:Monitize your blogs with advertisement (ads) I have wrote a post on the 3 best ad networks for new bloggers.(easy and fast approval) adsense is the ruler among all the ad networks.

2:Sell your own products on your blog .it is the most easy way that makes a handsome money.whether it be digital products, ebooks or images.

3:Affiliate marketing means selling products for other companies and getting a commission from them .There are many affiliate programs from every niche .for example Amazon , Flipkart , eBay and bluehost are some affiliate programmes that you a good commission.

4:selling your ad space means directly advertising without any intermediate ad networks .This requires a good amount of traffic on your blog.

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Last words

Now it’s time for you to create your blog .and make your presence felt In the world of blogging.Nothing is simple in this world.You have to work hard to achieve success.If you dream dare to complete it.


If you have any problem or query related to blogging feel free to comment below.To appreciate me you can rate my blog through the emoji or stars.and your comment will motivate me .

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