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GPLinks being the new link shortner in the market is one of the most loved link shortner.Lets see what Gplinks offers their users and review them.

Gp Links Gp links
Highest Cpm $9
Minimum.Cpm $7
Min.Payout $5(Paytm,PayPal,wire,upi,etc)

Gp links is providing a good Cpm rates of $7-$9 whereas it pays a highest Cpm rate for the US.
The reason most of the users are getting attracted towards it is once you undersatnd the bypass methods it’s easy for your visitors and You to earn some money.

How to Signup on Gplinks

Gp links signup

Getting started with the GpLinks is Just too easy no approval or pending request just signup >shorten the links> earn money.

Signup for Gplinks

  • Visit Gplinks
  • Signup into Gplinks
  • Shorten links
  • Share and earn(simple)

When it comes to making money in the easiest way link shortening is one of the most easy way.You can make a Good amount on autopilot just by shortnening the links All you need is a link to compress and a significant amount of followers to earn by Gplinks shortner.To register on Gplinks you have to fill a form that contains 4 columns 1:Username 2:email 3:password 4:confirm password and click on signup button below.Now you are all set but read this full article to get a mastery in Gplinks.
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How to shorten links

Shortnening links on Gplinks

A short link looks beautiful than a long and ugly link .A survey has shown that people are more likely to click on a shorter as compared to long links as they look malicious.

Shortnening links on Gplinks is Super easy

  • Copy the link you want to shrink
  • paste it in the Gplinks shortner 
  • Click on shorten button (as shown in the above image)
  • Copy the shortened link
  • share and earn

Share the shortnened link and whenever a user click on that link you get paid for it.Cpm (cost per thousand links)varies depending on from which country your user click on that link.
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Bypass/skip Gplinks 

Gplinks bypass/skip ads method

Gplinks is also loved because of its easy bypass/skip ad method unlike many other link shortner that show users irrelevant,ugly and irritating ads.Once you get to know the bypass method to skip the ads and reach the links.Then you will reach the targeted link within a minute just follow the steps as shown in the above method or continue reading 

  • Open the shortened link 
  • scroll down to bottom and click on verify
  • Now you will be redirected to a page solve captcha 
  • scroll down and click continue 
  • Now you will be redirected to a page containing a preview (continued after the image)

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Gp links bypass skip ads

Don’t click on open or download on that page just scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Get link‘ at last you will reach the page  That you wanted to visit .whenever a user complete all these steps and reach your link you will earn some money for it.Cpm is What you will earn when a thousand users click on your link.The average Cpm is $7 (500INR).Overall Gplinks is the best for youtubers,Instagram Facebook influencers,bloggers etc.

Refer and earn Gplinks

Yes,Gplinks has an option of referral earning too,Imagine if you have referred a user to use Gplinks he starts using and earns $100 then you will earn a referral bonus of 3% that is $3 .You can refer as many users as you can and earn a huge referral bonus.Overall referral system of Gplinks is good.You can earn hundreds of dollar by referring influencers and youtubers moreover you can also withdraw that referral bonus into your paytm,PayPal,upi or into your bank account.
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How to use Gplinks Quicklinks

You can quickly integrate Gplinks into whichever link you want within a minute without visiting Gplinks every time to shorten a url you can just paste an existing link with your Gplinks quick links don’t have  shortnen the link here.

Gplinks quick link option how to use it

How to do it

Just copy the quick link and paste it somewhere where you can edit it whenever you want.when you have done this go and copy the link that you want to add into Gplinks remove the your website part from the quick link and add your link There.Your now all set to use this feature do some experiments to get a better understanding on this feature.
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Mass Shrinkner

mass shrinkner is a tool provided by Gplinks to make the users work easy.The mass Shrinkner allows the user to shrinken upto 100 or 1000 urls at a single click.All the shortned url will be available at the manage links option that is accessible from the dashboard.With a lot of other option that one can benefit from .

Withdraw/Payout Gplinks

The minimum payout of Gplinks is just $5 (350INR) which is not a big task to achieve.For withdraw one can no longer use phonePay,Google pay,Neteller,Skrill,bitcoin and Payeer .Now the only available payment options are Paytm,PayPal,wire transfer,Upi and Bank transfer.

Yes ,They used to have a lot of payment option but now they are set to limited.

How to withdraw payment 

Once you have completed the minimum withdraw amount you are eligible to withdraw your money from any of the payment methods stated above.Moreover they also provide a live support if you face any problem regarding anything.

  • Go to Payments option from Dashboard
  • Once you complete the minimum amount 
  • Apply for withdraw 
  • Fill the payment form 
  • Payment will be processed within sometime.

How to earn more from Gplinks

For making a huge money from the Gplinks one doesnot need to have a lot of followers .One can use social media to share some useful apps or links on question answers platform like Quora and social media like telegram,Facebook,Instagram to make money from link shortnening.

Gplinks counts only the valid links they have a automated system that detects invalid or fraud clicks doing any invalid or fraud can cause a permanent disable of your account.lets see what are valid and invalid in case of Gplinks

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Valid clicks 

1) Click must be unique from a  Unique visitor in 24 hrs
2) Click should be completed Correctly.
3) Valid Clicks will not take more than 5 Minute to Add in your dashboard with Earnings.

Invalid clicks

1) Self Click – if you click yourself on Link that you shorten then this click will be counted as an Invalid click,
2) Unique Click – If your click is not unique then this click will not be counted and comes under invalid click,
3) Incomplete Click – Note thet our link has total 2 page of GPlink and other one is Your Main Link page , So visitor must drive through all this pages otherwise the click will be invalid.

We have reviewed the Gplinks now let’s have a look at how Gplinks work and make money.

How does Gplinks work

Gplinks add a layer of two pages between the link that you shorten,when ever someone clicks on the link they are redirected to a page where advertisement are shown to them and after passing the first page second page with more advertisement are visible to users.They keep some part of the advertisement revenue with themselves and pay the publishers a part of that revenue.This is how any link shortner works.

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