EarnCash Refer and earn programme

Refer and earn money earncash.tech ₹3 ₹5

EarnCash has started a refer and earn programme which is quite easy even when you dont have any knowledge of internet you can earn significant amount (₹30,000-₹70,000/month)of money by this programme.

Who can participate?

Anyone Yes anyone who is a part of Earncash community can participate in the refer and earn paytm cash programme .

Wondering what is Earncash community?
All the registered members on the Earncash site are a part of the Earncash community ,In simple words anyone who is registered on our site can participate.Registration on Earncash is absolutely free.

Referral conversion flow

  • You share a link on social media,friends and family 
  • someone clicks through that link and signup.
  • Registration is succesful 
  • The user gets ₹5 as paytm cash 
  • You get ₹3 for every succesful signup made through your referral link.
  • No limit for refer and earn 

How to get more referral signups?

In order to get more referral signups you have to share your referral links in a smart way get a huge number of signups ,If you have a good number of followers on some or all the social media handles just share the link with some of the illustrations,And write a killer caption and get them attracted to your referral link the more people you can reach ,the more paytm cash you are going to earn ,If you are a social media influencer With thousands of followers you can contact us for a deal.

Where can i find my referral link?

You can find your referral link in the side bar or in the wallet section of Earncash .

navigate to menu>refer and earn>there you can find your referral link Alternative:Navigate to wallet icon on the top on the header then scroll down you can see a referral link just copy it and share.

Where can I share my referral link?

You can share your referral link on social media like Facebook,WhatsApp,Instagram,Twitter,telegram,Reddit,quora,and more you can share your referral links on all social media that are 100% legal ,Any user sharing our referral links on any kind of illegal websites,or anything which is considered illegal can lead to the serious legal action against the user .As we are not responsible for any kind of misuse with your referral links ,(The referrer)the one who is sharing his link is the only responsible person for any kind of misuse with the referral links .So kindly don’t try to misuse our platform it may lead to account disable without any message to the users account.with no money back once the account is banned the user is not supposed to contact us or try to.

Misleading or fake refers 

If we find any kind of misleading or fake refers from the same mobile device,You should not try to cheat us by making multiple accounts from the same device ,As we track each and every activity of our users we track the users with the advanced technology like device I’d tracking,IL address tracking and lot more soo kindly donot try to make fake account to get a  referral commission as this will surely lead to disabling of the users account with the refers accounts means all the refers means only the fake refers made by the user will be disabled .so kindly be on the safe side and follow all the rules and regulations before using this platform.


Om Hiware A 16 years old blogger. He is the Author and owner of Earncash.tech .Proudly from India .A tech savvy guy helping others to succeed.

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