Paid to read emails genuine or fake?

Get paid to read emails.

Yes,you can even get paid for just reading emails.Which will take no more than than 1 minutes of your precious time. has brought to you a real,genuine paid to read email network that really pays just for opening a email daily.Also you can complete there surveys and earn even more.


Paid to read email  Fake or genuine is the leading company in paid to read category.

First thing that I have got in my mind was it can’t be real .Do they pay only for reading emails ?that we regularly do without getting a penny.

But it really pays you for just reading a email.And it’s a genuine Site and present on the Internet since 2005.

How does they pay you?

They partner with the survey ,advertising and companies that need a opinion and send you a paid email daily in your inbox .When you open that email from your inbox you get an instant earning in your account.(0.01$-0.1$).

Moreover you can set your email reading price too.There is also a option to Perform surveys and earn more money faster 

So lets see how to make money with paid to read emails in depth.Read this full article.


  • A legitimate and legal site
  • Make money in your spare time
  • 3$ instant signup bonus
  • Requires yours 1-2 minutes 
  • Perform surveys and earn 0.5$-1$
  • Adjust your own paid to read emails price
  • minimum payout 15$.
  • fast payment processing 

Getting started

You will need a account click here to create one 

Fill up your details and activate your account 
When done you will receive a 3$ joining bonus.

You will see a simple dashboard .And a few surveys to complete 

By filling up the surveys you will get 1$-0.2$ and it increases your GPE.

What is GPE? (guaranteed paid to read emails) you will be provided a GPe of 2$ when you signup.

No worry you can increase your GPE By completing surveys.

How to make money through it?


From the next day of signup you will start receiving paid emails in your inbox.
To set your email reading price go to paidemail option from your dashboard and set your reading price for one email.

The more reading price the less will be GPE don’t worry you can increase the Gpe by performing the surveys.

By completing a survey you will get a amount between 1$-0.2$.some of the surveys are repeatable so it’s pretty simple for anyone to make 15$ and payout.

Moreover you can also earn points to which you can convert into money 100points=1$ .in order to earn points you need to complete your profile which is easy.and you get points survey which you can convert into money minimum points for conversion is 50.

There we go, we also have an option to get a cashback on shopping on some selected stores.

Refer and earn


In there’s another cool feature that is refers and earn .
By referring Users to site

You’ll be credited 15% of your referrals’ earnings for completing offers, taking surveys and shopping online.

If you successfully referred 100 members and each of them earned an average of 5$ ?Then you will earn 15% of the revenue without any loss to the referred member is 75$(5,500INR)which is a good amount.

Simply share your referral link on social media and spread the world through your referral link you will earn a good revenue.

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Overall is a best site to get paid for just reading emails.I suggest you to higher your email price to 0.1$ as in every way you are getting a same amount it does not effect your earnings.I personally use this site regularly.and knew them since 2018.

So signup and start making money in your spare time .

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