Avadav Native ads review and Rate chart

Evadav native ad network Review and rate chart by country

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Evadav native ad network Review and rate chart by country

What is Evadav?

Evadav is a leading advertising platform trading popunder, push, outstream and native ads on CPM and CPC basis. Serving 2+ billion impressions per day

Evadav was launched in 2018.

What is traffic requirements?

Evadav do not have minimum requirements. Whether your website receives 100 visitors a day or 1 000 000, you can register and use Evadav.

Its good for new bloggers and also for those who do not have a website can use Evadav direct link.

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Benefits of Evadav

  • No minimum traffic requirements .
  • Works on cpc and cpa model.
  • 0.003$-0.005$ cpc rate(India).
  • 25$ minimum payout.
  • Best support team.
  • Easy to use.
  • great statistics .
  • Ads for all geo in own language.

Model of monitization 

There are 2 monetization models:

  • Revenue Share
  • CPA – payment per push subscription

Ad formats

EvaDav provides the ability to monetize your traffic using formats such as push notifications, popunder and In-page push notifications across mobile and desktop devices.

Evadav ad formats earncash.tech

Pop under

Popunder ads appear in a new tab underneath the main page a user is viewing. They are hidden behind the main window until that window is closed. As a format, they offer higher payouts than traditional display ads, helping to monetize all the incoming traffic.

In page

In-page ads are visually similar to push notifications and native ads. The difference is they appear directly on a publisher’s site while the user is browsing. This means that there’s no need for a user to opt-in or subscribe for your message to get through

Push notifications 

Push notifications are sent to users who have opted-in to receive notifications from a publisher’s website. They are delivered on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and appear even when a customer is not browsing the internet. You can adjust the frequency and type of push notification ads shown to subscribers.

Native ads

Native ads are a fully compliant and highly-converting way of delivering messages. Widgets are positioned at the most viewed parts of a webpage and are fully customizable.

How much do they pay?

Earnings are dependent on website performance and market conditions. The geographic location of your website traffic can also play a significant part in determining your potential revenue.

Cpc chart for native ads below

Evadav cpc chart native ads earncash.tech

It’s visible that in countries like Uk ,Germany,Us the rate for each click is higher as compared to India,Turkey etc.


Minimum payout amount is 25$,You can withdraw your earnings every 7 days.

Payment/payout methods are PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, ePayments, Webmoney, Payoneer, Bank Wire. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $25 ($1000 in the case of Bank Wire)

no extra charges and fees how much you earn is that much you get.

Refer and earn extra

You refer a publisher he signup and starts monitising his site with Evadav.He starts making money you get 5% of his earnings For the future without any loss to the referred publisher.Refer link will be available in the publishers dashboard.

How to get started

  • signup here
  • fill your details and Add your website.
  • Create a stream.
  • Add a widget for your site.
  • Copy and paste the code on your websites.
  • The ad is setup and will be visible on your site.

Evadav support

evadav has a great support team you will get your own personal manager .If you have any query you can chat with them they will answer you within 10 minutes.

Ad quality 

Evadav has good quality ads but you will repeatedly get the same ads and many times the adfill rate is so low .overall Evadav has ok quality ads


Adsense vs Evadav


Adsense vs Evadav comparision

Adsense vs Evadav let’s have a comparision

Adsense is the leading advertisement network most of the rich advertisers go with Adsense and set higher bids and budgets in order to get quality leads and brand recognition.Moreover in case of Evadav those advertisers who donot have enough budget advertise here.

As the reason publishers on Adsense get a higher revenue as compared to Evadav.

Moreover getting a Adsense approval is a tough task for the individual bloggers and theirs no guarante that they don’t block list you .

Evadav has a minimum payout of 25$ whereas Adsense minimum threshold amount is 100$.

Adsense has a good quality attractive ads which are More likely to get clicked Which gets you more revenue.

Its worth giving a try to Evadav


You have read Avadav Native ads review and Rate chart by earncash.tech it’s worth giving a try to this ad network if you want to setup native ads on your blog

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