About us

What is Earncash?

Earncash is a reward platform that was started in November 2020.Earncash open up an opportunity for everyone being a school boy or a senior citizen to spend their time doing the tasks like playing games,complete offers and earn,refer and earn through which a user can earn PaytmCash .Some of the tasks on the earncash gives you points which you can directly withdraw into your paytm wallet once reached the minimum payout ,All the payments are validated and then processed,Any fraudulent activity Will lead to account suspension with no access to the user.So before starting kindly read our terms of services and privacy policy

Who is Om Hiware?

Om Hiware is the founder and the developer of this site.He is a young innovator,a blogger and a affiliate marketer.He is the owner of several blogs and has a good knowledge of blogging and internet marketing.

Earncash is a project that is totally made by Om Hiware .All the pictures,illustrations and materials on this site are owned by the owner.incluging content.

Want to advertise on Earncash?

Earncash allows the brands and the site owners to advertise on this platform ,We guarantee you a high conversion as we have a good experience in advertising,If you are willing to advertise on this platform you can contact us directly from the contact us page or send an email on admin@earncash.tech or omhiware16@gmail.com.


We also write paid/sponsored reviews.

We write genuine reviews about a service or a product .do you want to make us write a paid review , we will be happy to hear that.at the lowest possible price.