5 High paying link shortners.

5 high paying link shortners

You can make money just by shortnening links and sharing it with the people.whenever someone clicks on your link you make money.It’s that easy

Lets have a look at some of the best high paying link  shortners that pay high in all countries.

As there are a lot of spammy link shortners that pay a very little amount or the worst they block you and does not pay at all. So don’t waste your time searching for the best as we have already found few among thousands of link shortners.

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Za.gl is a high paying link shortner they have a lot of attractive features like a minimum cpm of $4.5 for all countries.And the best of all is 50% referral earnings for lifetime.

  • minimum $4.5 Cpm for all countries(1000 clicks)
  • $5 minimum payout with fast payment
  • 50% referall earnings for lifetime

For instance you have referred 100 users to za.gl through your link and each of them have made an average $20 Per month (which is not a big task) then you could earn a monthly referral earning of $1000 (70,000 INR) which is equivalent to an average 9-5 job salary.on autopilot just refer and earn a passive income without any stress.This is a must try link shortner that’s the reason it’s listed On top 

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Its another top player in the list which rewards $1 as a signup bonus as no other Link shortners do this .Its something unique and good for the beginners as they have to earn just $4 in order to payout as $5 is the minimum payout .They offer 20% of the referral earning to the referrer.Which is good.

  • $3 minimum cpm for all countries
  • $5 minimum payout 
    $1 signup bonus
  • 20% referral earnings

This is a good link shortner as their ads are easy to skip and reach the main site.It is ideal for the creators who have a download site or youtube creators.

They have a highest Cpm of $22 for Greenland .Daily payout and payment proof are features that make this more coniderable in this list.

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This is a best link shortner for the Greenland users as it has a cpm for $20 for 1000 clicks whether they are repeated or unique clicks ,every clicks counts .They have most the Features similar to the above link shortner.

  • $20 for greenland
  • 20% referral earning 
  • at least $3 cpm for all countries
  • $5 minimum payout


Best for telegram users who have a huge group for downloading cracked apps and movies.One can make a good revenue from this link shortner.If you have traffic other than Asian countries then this is link is for you.

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More than 320 000 users in over 100 countries use Shorte.st 

Shorten links and earn $14 in United States
very very simple to use no more irritating ads ,their ads are easy to bypass .Their cartoon character ninja rewards you for completing task .he gives you $1 for completing tasks.They have more tools than any other link shortner like mass shrinkner,Wordpress plug-in,integration,script etc

  • minimum cpm varies from country to country
  • $1 reward for completing task
  • lots of tools to convert large amount of links from your website into shortened links.
  • Minimum $5 payout for PayPal 
  • Easy to skip ads

visit shorte.st


ouo.io has less ads and more revenue for you.You can check their site from the below link to check the payout rate and their mind blowing stats.If you are looking for a link shortner with less ads this is a best one for you.

  • Good cpm for all countries
  • 20% referral earnings
  • live stats and lots of tools to help you earn more
  • less ads and easy to skip within seconds 
  • must try link shortner.

visit Ouo.io


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If you have a good traffic on your blog or within your social media accounts you can earn a good revenue from these link shortners .Refer more people to earn even more.Not all the link shortners pay you but the above once are high rated and theirs a very little chance of getting spammed or fraud.

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Some link in these post could earn me a little revenue without affecting your earnings.

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