3 Best link shortners high paying.

3 best link shortners high paying

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3 best link shortners (high paying)

making money through link shortners is a pretty simple task.lets have a look how to make money from link shortners in 3 steps.

  • Copy the link to shorten.
  • Paste it in the link shortner tool.
  • Share the link ,whenever someone clicks on the link you get a good revenue.

There are a thousands of link shortners on the web.

Lets have a look at the Best 10 link shortners that we have short listed for you (High paying).

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Zagl best link shortner high paying.

Za.gl is at top in our list because of several reasons.This link shortner is ideal for everyone.lets have a look at its amazing stats 280 million + clicks,6 million + total shortened links,1.2 million registered users.

  • 16$ for 1000 views 
  • minimum 5$ payout
  • 50% referall earnings(Lifetime)
  • minimum 4.5$ cpm for all countries.
  • Easy to bypass ads

The features one would love is the high cpm ,low payout,payment proof and 50% referall earnings sharing is awesome.They mix up a variety of ads to increase the publishers revenue without affecting the visitors experience.

If you are looking for a link shortners which is easy to bypass and consists of less Ads .Then Za.gl is the must try link shortner for you.

Visit Za.gl


Shrink me.io Link shortner

ShrinkMe.io has the highest cpm of 22$ for Greenland .lets have a look at its stats 19 million+ total clicks,7 million + URLs shortened and 300k + registered users.

It provides a signup bonus of 1$ .Due to which it is 2 best link shortner in our list.

  • Highest cpm 22$ for greenland traffic.
  • 1$ instant signup bonus
  • 5$ minimum payout 
  • Lowest cpm is 3$ for all the countries.
  • 20% of referall earnings (lifetime)

They have irritating ads but it’s easy to bypass the ads.Once you know the trick how to bypass ads quickly.provides publishers a detailed and live stats.The highest revenue .You will get a minimum of 3$ no matter From which country Your traffic is more or less.

when you have a look on this site you can see a payment proof section which is for assurance that they really pay the publishers.

Visit ShrinkMe.io



Clk.sh link shortner

Clk.sh is yet another link shortner that pays high .The Clk.sh has a highest cpm of 20$ for Greenland and $13  for Iceland.For rest of the countries there is a minimum cpm of $3 which is quite good.lets have a look at its amazing stats 4.3 million +total clicks,21 million + Links shortened,49k + users registered.

  • Highest cpm of $22 for Greenland
  • $5 minimum payout 
  • $5 minimum cpm for all countries
  • 20% referral earnings for lifetime
  • Easy to use.

Clk.sh counts the repeated users too like the above 2 link shortners.It does not count clicks by using IP address .A detailed and live stats with a lot of other tools The ads are obviously irritating to skip although one can bypass them within few seconds.It’s 20% revenue share is good with beneficiary minimum$3 cpm for all countries.They have no payment proof section but it’s not a problem they will pay you. 

Visit Clk.sh




Most of the link shortners have the same design and layout it’s not a matter of worrying that they belong a single man who could do a fraud with you.No they won’t as they belongs to different owners most of them use the same script for their website as the result they all look alike.

No matter there are a lot of fraudulent link shortners that do not pay at all.This link shortners are real and they pay you genuinely just follow their payout instructions.If you have any doubt regarding this feel free you comment below[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”j1vzeonbkl” question=”Ask your doubt or give suggestions or feedback ” opened=”0″][/wpdiscuz-feedback].I will love to help you.

There are some referral links in this post which could bring me some money without affecting your earnings.

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