11 smart ways to promote your YouTube videos for Free

How to promote youtube videos for free

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How to promote youtube videos for free
smart ways to promote youtube videos for free

We have brought to you the best and smart ways to promote your youtube videos for free.That works really amazing

What is the need to promote?

Youtube, being the second most visited search engine.People love spending hours watching Their favourite video .

Being youtuber spending hours making good videos,editing is not enough.
you must also have statergie to boost views and gain more subscribers.as there’s a lot of competition on youtube.

10 Smart ways to promote your Youtube videos for Free 

Make Seo Your Best Friend 

spend time for seo(search engine optimisation)as when your videos are visible on SERP(search engine result page)you are surely going to gain lots of views and subscribers.


Having a sweet and short title attracts more eyes than a long repeated tilte.Most Of the famous videos have a short and unique title more using the same word twice won’t help you rank your videos it just look unprofessional.


Having an attractive thumbnail attracts more visitors to your video.so try adding bright colours and outlines to your videos


Yes tags tags and tags because they make your videos visible on particular search terms adding the correct tags and using YouTube features  end screen,description,tags,cards to the fullest to attract and engage with your audience.

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facebook being the biggest social media platform is the best place to promote your videos free of cost also it help reaching new audience.

Make your Facebook page fill up your profile upload all your youtube videos on your Facebook page link it to your channel and see the views grow moreover if your videos go viral you can make money through them on Facebook.

Facebook group is also a good option to promote your videos,share your video link in the group related to your video content sharing them to group not related to your videos does not make any sense.


Yes,quora is a platform where people can ask question and get answers from the members .It is a platform to share  ideas and experience.also one can get answers to their question 

Quora is one of the famous website.whatever you search on google quora has a answer for it. 
so answering questions related to your Knowledge and smartly adding a link to your video can help you getting viewers interested in your content


You can promote your youtube videos on Instagram 

  • Upload 30 seconds or 1 minute of your video on instagram
  • Write your description saying To watch full video link given in bio
  • Add your video link in bio
  • Use Instagram stories and comment to popular users to attract audience to your videos
  • Remember don’t upload full video 


Comment on videos of popular creators on youtube belonging to same niche as yours 

Remember don’t add your video link in comment it won’t give you results as comment with link won’t show up 

Smartly add a comment with the name of your YouTube video or channel so the interested audience can search for it and see your videos 

comment on every video related to your content. Also reply to the comments you get On your videos
You can similarly comment on other social media like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter to drive audience to your videos

YouTube stories and community tab

If you are a Beginner youtuber who have not yet completed certain amount of followers this option won’t be available for you 

 Youtube stories: This can be a cool feature to boost your views regularly add something interesting to your story

Youtube community tab:Keep uploading content pics or links to your community tab.As holding your audience is more important than getting new one.As the reason focus Equally on your existing audience moreover try to get new audience.


Collaborting with other youtubers related or not related to your content can gain you a considerable amount of views and subscribers.Collaborating with famous stars can boost your video views in an most easiest way but finding a right person is collaborate can be somewhat difficult

If You follow this steps you are more likely to get collaboration requests

  • Be present on all social media means comment the one whom you want to collaborate with
  • Focus on increasing your followers
  • Add your contact details and email
  • Directly contact the person and ask if he/she is interested in collaborating

Cross promotion 

If you get popular on other sites then you can can easily drive traffic from that site to your video or directly embed videos there

For an instance you are good at writing start writing blogs so that if you get audience there you can send the traffic to your videos or directly embed your videos on your site

cross promoting improve the chances for getting more views and subscribers you can cross promote your videos free on many websites like fb,insta,blogs,artcles etc and add a link or call to action button so that visitors are more likely to click and see the videos

Make playlists

As already discussed using youtube features To the fullest can boost your views and subs.

Making a playlist of all your similar videos or video based for a specific audience will increase your watch time a lot and lot.Also it keeps your viewers around your videos and channel.You can also use collaborative playlist which give you an option to add your videos to someone playlist 
Also try making a playlist of famous youtubers video and insert your video in it this works really good

Run Giveaway contenst

start a giveaway contest .Giveaway exiting merchandise 

Ask your audiences to participate in the giveaway set goals ,rules,instructions and decide what your going to reward them with.

giveaway will definitely increase your reach which boost views and subscribers But be loyal with the audience don’t mislead or cheat them in the name of giveaway

Giveaway contest only work when you have more than 1000 subscribers so if u have not yet completed 1k subs and 4K hours of watch time here are the tricks how to complete it in no time click Here

Ask your audience to spread the world

Ask your viewers to subscribe and share your channel.

You can ask your viewers to share your videos and set a goal and ask your viewers to help you complete it And help you out .This really works and does not require any hard work 

Also you can make a controversial videos .It will boost your views 100 times but a fake controversy can damage your channel too so be careful before thinking about it.If you are doing it be careful about the laws of your country it can put you behind the bars 

As we know Many and many big stars in India have controversy do you remember emiway vs raftaar.and many more 


Promoting your youtube videos or channel free of cost needs a lot of patience so keep trying on and on

if you are ready to pay for paid promotions you have a lot of options including YouTube ads,paid shoutouts,advertisement,and many more 


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